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ancient towers

The watch Sifnos towers of 6th-2d c. BC, built on the hills for the transmission of messages through signals!


The holy rock of Chrysopigi!  The miraculous icon of Virgin Mary was found floating on the waves by fishermen near the rock.  The icon was thrown to the sea in the 8th c in Constantinople to be saved from destruction during the period of ico

Kastro, a village with uninterrupted habitation since pre-historic times.  An open-air museum! Antiquities are incorporated to modern buildings, marble roman shrines lie on its narrow stone-paved lanes, doric columns support  balconies of its houses!

The near small coast of Seralia used to be a busy trade port until 18th c!

Acropolis St Andrew

The Acropolis of St. Andrews, a mycenaean settlement of 13th c. BC with its cyclopean walls, one of the oldest of Europe!


There are more than 300 churches in Sifnos. On cliffs , by the sea, on villages, on the mountains. Explore them

St Sostis Mines

The mines of St. Sostis, the oldest silver-mines of the world, were worked by the island’s prehistoric inhabitants since 2.700 BC!

Virgin of Mountain

Looking out from the courtyard of the beautiful church, the panoramic view stretches from Platis Yialos to Kimolos. 


Byzantine churches from the 10th c. with icons of great beauty!

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